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It’s time to declare war on costly billing mistakes

Here are the mistakes seen most frequently—and how you can eradicate them from your practice Coders, billers, and physicians are much more knowledgeable now than when we started working with practices over 25 years ago. There has also been a steady increase in automation throughout the billing, documentation, and coding process. Despite the increase in

How to code for robotic cystolithotomy, diverticulectomy

A patient has a large bladder stone (~3.5 cm), part of which is trapped in a bladder diverticulum. How should I bill robotic cystolithotomy along with robotic diverticulectomy? There are no specific codes for either the laparoscopic (robotic) diverticulectomy nor cystolithotomy. From a pure coding perspective, the proper code would thus be 51999 (Unlisted laparoscopy

How to get reimbursed for BPH water vapor ablation

How do I code for convective water vapor ablation for lower urinary tract symptoms/BPH (Rezum System)? Up front, we must disclose that Physician Reimbursement Services has contracted with NxThera to provide support for offices that have billed for Rezum. In this article, we will provide the basics as we know them at this point. Until recently, you

Practice ‘report card’ tracks performance

Is my staffing level appropriate for my practice? Is my overhead too high? Is my billing department doing a good job? These are just a few of the questions we are asked by urology groups around the country. One urologist recently asked a broader question: What should I be looking at each month to see

How to bill for discontinued vasectomy procedure

I was performing a vasectomy in the office but had to discontinue the procedure because the patient could not tolerate it. The incision had been made. Should I bill this with the –53 modifier or should I bill an E&M service? The procedure was performed 2 days later in the outpatient surgery center under sedation. The