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Improving Practice Staff Performance – Essentials for Success

PRS Consulting works with numerous physicians and groups of all sizes and needs. We see first-hand how individual practices confront the reality of growing financial pressures while delivering quality care and services. While many practices are facing serious organizational and financial issues, there are those that are manging better – true survivors in today’s challenging

Health Management Brief

Some good news and we all like good news. Urology practices continue to navigate the onslaught of federal and private payer administrative and financial challenges while delivering quality care and services.  Working with numerous group practices around the country and speaking with many practice leaders I see firsthand the impact on both private practice and

VBPM and PQRS Impact January 2016

With calendar year 2015 close out in the books and 2016 rapidly unfolding, it’s not unreasonable to expect more turbulence and ensuing challenges for the practice. While there are numerous issues, the evolving Value-Based Payment Modifier (VBPM) is generating increasing interest. The reason is simple – it is setting the stage for future payment models,

Sustainable Growth Rate – 2015 and Beyond

The good news, and the practice could use some good news, the annual Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) threatened payment cuts have ended. A quick summary of key issues: The new law delivers some positive reforms but does not represent a physician panacea. Yes, the Medicare payment formula is replaced but with many new changes, including:

Health Management Brief

The urology practice continues to face increasing challenges, growing financial pressures and Q1 2015 is delivering an acute reminder – control what you can.  Internal efficiencies, easier patient access, and increasing profitable services are examples of things you can control.  I recently reviewed a new cost effective, easily imported product, clearly targeting urology practice operational

Defining Physician Opportunity, Risk, and Value

The last 24 months have seen unprecedented numbers of urology specialists moving to employment with hospital health-systems, with others supporting group merging mania and consolidated into larger groups. The surge appears to have slowed. Hospitals continue digesting the cost and complexity of successful physician on-boarding and large groups moving to effectively consolidate the new infrastructure,

Health Management Brief

You now have a clear understanding of calendar year 2014’s wide ranging impact on the practice; simply expect more turbulence frustration and uncertainty in 2015. With rising overhead costs and weaker reimbursement rates continuing to exert pressure on practice operating margins, the need for operational efficiencies designed to effectively support the “Triple Aim”- improving quality